University of Heidelberg

Galaxy Evolution, Stellar Dynamics, Interstellar Matter (OS)

Lecturers: Hans-Peter Gail, Andreas Just, Thorsten Lisker

Summer term 2013 (2 SWS)
Friday 14:30 - 16:00, ARI seminarroom

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Topic Plan - and direct Links to topics of H.-P. Gail , A. Just , T. Lisker

Supervisor: H.-P. Gail Supervisor: A. Just Supervisor: T. Lisker
  • L1. TAKEN An Observed Link between Active Galactic Nuclei and Violent Disk Instabilities in High-redshift Galaxies
    Literature: F. Bournaud et al. 2012
  • L2. Dwarf spheroidal satellites of the Milky Way from dark matter free tidal dwarf galaxy progenitors: maps of orbits
    Literature: R.A. Casas et al. 2012
  • L3. A snapshot on galaxy evolution occurring in the Great Wall: the role of Nurture at z = 0
    Literature: G. Gavazzi et al. 2010

(Responsible for contents: Andreas Just)
Contact: A. Just
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