Stellar content, MAss and Kinematics of Cluster Early-type Dwarf galaxies

Data & Analysis  

Data and Analysis

Reduced near-infrared images (Janz et al. 2012, 2014)

Deep near-infrared images were obtained for a nearly magnitude-complete sample (-19 < Mr < -16 mag) of 121 Virgo cluster early-type galaxies, as presented in Janz et al. 2012 and Janz et al. 2014. The reduced images are available through the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory:

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Galaxy decompositions (Janz et al. 2014)

Two-dimensional models with inner and outer components, as well as bar and lens components, were fitted to our sample of near-infrared Virgo cluster early-type galaxy images. The resulting component parameters from Table 5 of Janz et al. 2014 are accessible through the German Astrophysical Virtual Observatory as well as in illustrated form with residual images and structure profiles:

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Illustrated decompositions sorted by VCC number
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Reduced optical longslit spectra (Toloba et al. 2014, 2015)

Reduced and flux calibrated spectra of all 39 Virgo cluster early-type dwarfs of SMAKCED can be found at Elisa Toloba's website. The reduction and spectral characteristics are described in Toloba et al. 2014b. For measured quantities, please refer to the various tables in the SMAKCED publications.

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