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The Cosmological Evolution Survey "COSMOS" is an astronomical survey designed to probe the formation and evolution of galaxies as a function of cosmic time (redshift) and large scale structure environment. The survey covers a 2 square degree equatorial field with imaging by most of the major space based telescopes (Hubble ,Spitzer, Chandra, XMM, Galex) and a number of large ground based telescopes (Subaru, VLA, ESO-VLT, UKIRT, NOAO, CFHT, and others).

This site contains informations about the strong gravitational lenses discovered in the COSMOS field (Faure et al. 2008 ). It will be updated according to the new discoveries made in the field. You can access to the catalogs through the menu. The data provided in this site are compiled in two ASCII catalogs: ALLINFO.txt contains the information given in the reference paper about the 67 lenses, and GROUND_PHOTOM.txt contains the photometry of the lensing galaxies from the ground based telescopes involved in the COSMOS project (from the works of Capak et al. 2007 and Mobasher et al. 2007 ).

In the individual lens pages we give access to stamp images of the reduced ACS/F814w data. You can retrieve the COSMOS public dataset following the link http://irsa.ipac.caltech.edu/Missions/cosmos.html.
A description of the content of the catalogs is given in information.


19/02/2008 NASA/ESA Press Release: Hubble discovers 67 gravitationally lensed galaxies in the distant Universe

13/05/2008 ERRATUM: We have found an error in the lens modeling code, that led to wrong parameters for the mass models. You can find the Erratum here: erratum.pdf. The web page has been updated with the correct values.

last update:13/05/2008