Simon Murphy

Willkommen! – I am a Gliese Postdoctoral Fellow at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut of the University of Heidelberg, Germany, where I started in 2013. My research interests are broadly centred around identifying and characterising some of the youngest stars in the solar neighbourhood. These nearby young stars are an ideal laboratory for studying, among other things:

1.The star formation history of the Solar neighbourhood

2.The physical conditions required for star formation, and

3.whether these are the same throughout the Galaxy

4.How the dusty disks around young stars evolve

5.How groups of young stars dissolve into the Galaxy

To answer these questions I use data from a variety of telescopes, including the latest all-sky surveys. I also have an active interest in the international Virtual Observatory effort, which is developing standards for the discovery, exchange and analysis of astronomical data. I completed my Ph.D. at the Australian National University's Mount Stromlo Observatory in 2012.

…for a more technical description of my work, see my research page.

Recent Publications

Evolution from protoplanetary to debris discs: The transition disc around HD 166191
Kennedy, G. M., Murphy, S. J., Lisse, C. M., Menard, F., Sitko, M. L. et al. 2014, MNRAS, 438, 3299
arXiv: 1312.4531
Copious Amounts of Hot and Cold Dust Orbiting the Main Sequence A-type Stars HD 131488 and HD 121191
Melis, C., Zuckerman, B., Rhee, J. H., Song, I., Murphy, S. J. & Bessell, M. S., 2013, ApJ, 778, 12
arXiv: 1308.2753
Re-examining the membership and origin of the ε Cha association
Murphy, S. J., Lawson, W. A. & Bessell, M. S., 2013, MNRAS, 435, 1325
arXiv: 1305.4177
The GALEX Nearby Young-Star Survey
Rodriguez et al., 2013, ApJ, 774, 101
arXiv: 1307.3262

…more on my publications page.

Background image credit: Akira Fujii