Emmy Noether Research Group on Stellar Atmospheres and Mass Loss

Welcome to the group website of the Emmy Noether research group on stellar atmospheres and mass loss of hot stars. Located at the conjuction of observation, theory and numerical astrophysics, our research focuses around the application and development of stellar atmosphere models to uncover the life and fate of hot stars and their winds. A particular emphasis of the group is the research on hot massive stars. With their high luminosity, these stars are major building blocks of galaxies as they dominate their surrounding with their strong stellar winds and their ionizing radiation. As production sites of heavy elements, massive stars also act as engines of the cosmic chemical evolution. By performing quantitative spectroscopy, simulating their winds, and providing predictions for their apperance and feedback, our group aims to uncover more about the enigmatic role of hot and massive stars in our Universe.

You can find us at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut (ARI) which is a part of the Zentrum für Astrophysik der Universität Heidelberg (ZAH).

Group Members

Dr. Andreas Sander

Group Leader

andreas.sander (at) uni-heidelberg (dot) de

Dr. Varsha Ramachandran


vramachandran (at) uni-heidelberg (dot) de

Dr. Gemma Gonzalez-Tora


gemma.gonzalez-tora (at) uni-heidelberg (dot) de

Matheus Bernini Peron

PhD Student

matheus.bernini (at) uni-heidelberg (dot) de

Cormac Larkin

PhD Student

cormac.larkin (at) uni-heidelberg (dot) de

IMPRS Fellowship
joined PhD project between ARI and MPIK (with Brian Reville)

Elisa Schösser

PhD Student

elisa.schoesser (at) uni-heidelberg (dot) de

(Jan) Leon Tschesche

MSc Student

tschesche (at) stud (dot) uni-heidelberg (dot) de
Emmy Noether Research Group on Stellar Atmospheres and Mass Loss at ARI/ZAH
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