University of Heidelberg

Galaxy Evolution, Stellar Dynamics, Interstellar Matter (OS)

Lecturers: Hans-Peter Gail, Andreas Just, Thorsten Lisker

Summer term 2013 (2 SWS)
Friday 14:30 - 16:00, ARI seminarroom

This Oberseminar is addressed to graduate (Ph.D.) students, who intend to obtain an ''Oberseminar'' certificate required for doctoral studies. It is organised as a journal club, where every topic usually consists of a seminar talk by the student presenting one or more recent research papers. All students and postdocs are invited to take part regularly as well.

The list of topics as suggested by the lecturers can be found here. More and other suggestions are always welcome.

Time Plan

  • 19.4. Planning Session
  • 26.4. --
  • 3.5. --
  • 10.5. --
  • 17.5. Start 13:15 Jan Rybizki: G2. The global dust and gas budget of the Small Magellanic Cloud.
  • 24.5. Alberto Nardin: J3. Disk assembly and the M_BH-sigma relation of supermassive black holes
  • 31.5. --
  • 7.6. Carolin Wittmann: L1. An observed link between AGN and violent disk instabilities in high redshift galaxies
  • 14.6.
  • 21.6.
  • 28.6.
  • 5.7.
  • 12.7.
  • 19.7. --
  • 26.7.
N.N. = speaker to be confirmed; titles will be added later.

(Responsible for contents: Andreas Just)
Contact: A. Just
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