University of Heidelberg

Dynamics of galaxies, star clusters and planetary systems (MVSem)

Lecturers: Andreas Just, Rainer Spurzem and Francesco Flammini Dotti

Summer term 2023 (2 SWS)
Wednesday 14:15 - 15:45, ARI seminarroom (1st floor)

This 'Masterpflichtseminar' is addressed specifically to master students, who intend to obtain the mantadory 'MVSem' graded certificate required for the master in physics. It is organised as a journal club, where every topic usually consists of a seminar talk by the student presenting one or more recent research papers. An additional written report on the presentation is required.


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Time Plan

A presentation of possible topics, the choice of topics and time plan will be done in the first and second session (in brackets you find the available supervisors for each date). A list of topics as suggested by the lecturers can be found here. More and other suggestions are always welcome.

  • 19.4. (AJ,RS,FFD) Planning Session
  • 26.4. (AJ,RS,FFD Zoom) Optional Meeting Question/Answer
  •   3.5. (AJ,RS,FFD) --
  • 10.5. (AJ,RS,FFD) J. Bhende: S1. The growth of intermediate mass black holes through tidal captures and tidal disruption events
  • 17.5. (AJ,FFD) J. Schöll: F1. A low-inclination neutral Trans-Neptunian Object in an extreme orbit
  • 24.5. (AJ,FFD) V. Gulaev: J1. The disturbed outer Milky Way disc
  • 31.5. (AJ,RS,FFD) Y. Liang: J6. JWST high-redshift galaxy constraints on warm and cold dark matter models
  •   7.6. (RS,FFD) P. Perez: F4. The orbital evolution of Atira asteroids
  • 14.6. (RS Zoom?) H. Jia: S2. Growing Black Holes through Successive Mergers in Galactic Nuclei: I. Methods and First Results
  • 21.6. No seminar
  • 28.6. (AJ,RS,FFD) L. Brillerty: J5. Unresolved Binaries and Multiples in the Intermediate Mass Range in Open Clusters: Pleiades, Alpha Per, Praesepe, and NGC 1039
        & Tom Schlenker: F5. Stability analysis of planetary systems via second-order Rènyi entropy
  •   5.7. (AJ,RS) K. Weiskopf: S5. Formation History of HD 106906 and the Vertical Warping of Debris Disks by an External Inclined Companion
  • 12.7. (AJ,RS,FFD) V. Vijayakumaran: S4. The role of rotation on the formation of second generation stars in globular clusters
        & K. Nußbaumer: J2. Self-consistent models of our Galaxy
  • 19.7. (AJ,RS,FFD) I. Ahrend: S3. First observational evidence of a relation between globular clusters' internal rotation and stellar masses
  • 26.7. free (MSc exam week)

(Responsible for contents: Andreas Just)
Contact: A. Just
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