University of Heidelberg

Dynamics of galaxies, star clusters and planetary systems (MVSem)

Lecturers: Andreas Just, Rainer Spurzem

Winter term 2021/22 (2 SWS)
Wednesday 14:00 - 15:30, ARI seminarroom (1st floor) Online via Zoom until further notice

This 'Masterpflichtseminar' is addressed specifically to master students, who intend to obtain the mantadory 'MVSem' graded certificate required for the master in physics. It is organised as a journal club, where every topic usually consists of a seminar talk by the student presenting one or more recent research papers. An additional written report on the presentation is required.


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ONLINE teaching

This seminar will start online via a Zoom platform. More detailed information, how to use Zoom and the link to join the meetings will be given by email to the registered participants.

Time Plan

A presentation of possible topics, the choice of topics and time plan will be done in the first and second session (in brackets you find the available supervisors for each date). A list of topics as suggested by the lecturers can be found here. More and other suggestions are always welcome.

  • 20.10. (AJ,RS) Planning Session
  • 27.10. (AJ,RS) Optional Meeting Question/Answer via Zoom
  • 3.11. (AJ,RS) --
  • 10.11. (AJ,RS)
  • 17.11. (AJ,RS) Lars Starbaty: J9. Formation of counter-rotating and highly eccentric massive black hole binaries in galaxy mergers
  • 24.11. (RS) Kenan Özkoc: J7. The Effect of Star-Disk Interactions on Highly Eccentric Stellar Orbits in Active Galactic Nuclei: A Disk Loss Cone and Implications for Stellar Tidal Disruption Events
  • 1.12. (RS) Sören Meiners: S3. Lucky planets: how circum-binary planets survive the supernova in one of the inner-binary components
  • 8.12. (AJ,RS) Nina Mackensen: S1. The Resonance Hopping Effect in the Neptune-planet Nine System
        & Jan Bergmann: S6. Orbital Migration of Interacting Stellar Mass Black Holes in Disks around Supermassive Black Holes. II. Spins and Incoming Objects
  • 15.12. (AJ,RS) Natascha Sattler: J6. Co-formation of the thin and thick discs revealed by APOGEE-DR16 and Gaia-DR2
  • 12.1. (AJ,RS) Ulrich Roth: S9. White Dwarf Subsystems in Core-Collapsed Globular Clusters
        & Shyam Balaji: J8. Formation of the largest galactic cores through binary scouring and gravitational wave recoil
  • 19.1. (AJ,RS) David Kuhlbrodt: J4. Evidence of a population of dark subhaloes from Gaia and Pan-STARRS observations of the GD-1 stream
  • 26.1. (AJ,RS) Philip Cho: J3. The HESTIA project: simulations of the Local Group
  • 2.2. (AJ,RS) Paul Rosendahl: S7. Most super-Earths formed by dry pebble accretion are less massive than 5 Earth masses
  • 9.2. (AJ,RS)
  • 16.2. free (MSc exam week)

(Responsible for contents: Andreas Just)
Contact: A. Just
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