CV (pdf)


Kathryn Kreckel

kathryn.kreckel at uni-heidelberg.de

I am an Emmy Noether group leader at Heidelberg University (ARI/ZAH), interested in studying ISM physics, galaxy formation and evolution. I have also worked on the detailed study of the star formation history and gas content of void galaxies. My current projects study the physics of the ISM in nearby galaxies on physically resolved ~50pc scales using optical IFU observations.

Much of my work is carried out within the PHANGS collaboration. As survey scientist, I am also involved in planning an optical IFU survey of the local group, the Local Volume Mapper (LVM), part of SDSS-V.

I currently have bachelors and masters projects available on topics related to:
  • Dynamical and abundance modeling of planetary nebulae in PHANGS
  • Chemical evolution modeling of gas flows in PHANGS
  • Machine learning approaches to identifying ionized nebulae
  • Target prioritization and early science with SDSS-V/LVM

See all my papers on arXiv and ADS.