Far-Inrared Selection of Herschel Pointings, PPAK Accessible

K. Kreckel (PI), B. Groves, K. Croxall, R. Kennicutt, K. Sandstrom, E. Schinnerer, J.D. Smith

The FISHPPAK survey consists of 98 regions observed within 21 galaxies using the PMAS/PPAK optical IFU instrument at Calar Alto. Regions are targeted based on existing Herschel PACS spectroscopy as part of the KINGFISH project, a sample of 61 nearby galaxies with extensive existing multi-wavelength data available from the UV to radio wavelengths. Dithered observations with the PMAS/PPAK instrument, with its combination of wide field of view and high resolution, provides a wealth of new information with the flexibility to spatially convolve and match lower resolution images for a variety of different instruments and different science goals.

This sample spans a range of metallicities (12+log(O/H)=7.8-8.7), Hubble types (E, Irr, S), luminosities (-17 to -21 magnitudes), star formation rates (0.04 - 4 Msun/year), and distances (3-20 Mpc, corresponding to physical scales at 2.7" of 40-260 pc). Within each galaxy we expect that they span a range of physical conditions (HII regions, LINERs, AGNs).

Sample to date (01.01.2017):
Namenumber of pointings
DDO 0531
DDO 1541
Holmberg I 1
Holmberg II 3
IC 342 7
IC 2574 3
NGC 628 1
NGC 855 1
NGC 925 2
NGC 2146 1
NGC 2798 1
NGC 3049 1
NGC 3077 1
NGC 3627 4
NGC 4236 1
NGC 4321 3
NGC 4631 2
NGC 5457 (M101) 55
NGC 5713 1
NGC 6946 7
NGC 7331 1

Related publications:
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    Kreckel, Armus, Groves, et a. 2014, ApJ, 790, 26 [ADS | arXiv]

  • Mapping Dust through Emission and Absorption in Nearby Galaxies
    Kreckel, Groves, Schinnerer, et al. 2013, ApJ, 771, 62 [ADS | arXiv]

This project has been made possible through funding by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) priority program 1573, Physics of the Interstellar Medium