J. M. Diederik Kruijssen

ERC & Emmy Noether Research Group Leader
Astronomisches Rechen-Institut

Heidelberg University



I am leading the Multi-scale Star Formation Across Nascent Galaxies (MUSTANG) group at the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut of the Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg.

The group is currently constituted by:

  1. Mélanie Chevance, Postdoc, since Nov 2016

  2. Jindra Gensior, PhD student, since Oct 2017

  3. Daniel Haydon, PhD student, since Sep 2015

  4. Alexander Hygate, PhD student, since Sep 2015

  5. Sarah Jeffreson, PhD student, since Oct 2016

  6. Benjamin Keller, Postdoc and Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, since Sep 2017

  7. Jenny (Jaeyeon) Kim, PhD student, since May 2019

  8. Diederik Kruijssen, Group Leader, since Sep 2015

  9. Maya Petkova, Postdoc, since Oct 2018

  10. Marta Reina-Campos, PhD student and IMPRS-HD Fellow, since Sep 2016

  11. Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez, Postdoc, since Oct 2017

  12. Jacob Ward, Postdoc, since Jan 2017

External group members are:

  1. Jonathan Henshaw, PSF Fellow, Max-Planck Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg

  2. Steve Longmore, Professor, Liverpool John Moores University

  3. Anna McLeod, Hubble Fellow, UC Berkeley

  4. Andreas Schruba, Postdoc, Max-Planck Institut für Extraterrestrische Physik, Garching

Former group members are:

  1. Jacob Nieswand, MSc student, 2017

  2. Theodora Xylaki, MSc student, 2017

  3. Meghan Miholics, MSc student and NSERC Michael Smith Foreign Study Fellow (with McMaster University, Canada), 2016

For more information on the group members, our research activities, news, as well as our regular job openings, please see the MUSTANG Group website at www.mustang-project.org.