Stellar content, MAss and Kinematics of Cluster Early-type Dwarf galaxies

Data & Analysis  

SMAKCED — Overview


In order to study the complexity and heterogeneity of early-type dwarf (dE) galaxies, we gathered photometric and spectroscopic data through an international project from 2009 to 2015, devoted to measure the Stellar content, MAss and Kinematics for a large representative sample of Cluster Early-type Dwarfs (SMAKCED) in the Virgo cluster. SMAKCED provides a unique benchmark dataset for future observational and theoretical studies of dwarf galaxies near and far. Our team comprised experts providing state-of-the-art knowledge in multi-wavelength analysis, dynamical modeling, multi-component structural analysis, and modeling of environmental influences combined with chemo-dynamical evolution. 70 nights of observing time were awarded to SMAKCED between 2010 and 2012, for near-infrared imaging at NOT, TNG, and ESO/NTT, and for spectroscopy at WHT and ESO/VLT. The data and results have been published in various papers.

Multicomponent decomposition of an early-type dwarf galaxy in the near infrared: Janz et al. 2012, 2014

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