University of Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Eva K. Grebel

Research Group

Students and Postdocs
Dr. István Dékány Variable Stars as Tracers of Galactic Structure
Dr. Anna Jacyszyn Structure of the Stellar Galactic Halo
Hitesh Lala Milky Way Archaeology With Type-II Cepheids
Dr. Bertrand Lemasle Galactic Archaeology with Cepheids
Vasu Pipwala Exploring different pulsating variables as distance indicators
Gustavo Medina Toledo Galactic History with Young and Old Variable Stars
Sebastian Trujillo-Gomez Accretion history of globular clusters

Permanent Staff Members
Dr. Michael Biermann Head of the Gaia Group
Dr. Andreas Koch Globular Clusters and Milky Way
Dr. Anna Pasquali Extragalactic Galaxy Evolution

Long-term Visitors
Dr. Alexei Kniazev Emission-line Galaxies; Planetary Nebulae
Prof. Leonid Pilyugin Abundances in Galactic Disks
Dr. Igor Zinchenko Satellite Accretion