University of Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Eva K. Grebel

Research Group

Clio Bertelli Chemistry of Open Star Clusters
Dr. Maria Cordero Light Element Abundance Variations
Dr. István Dékány Variable Stars as Tracers of Galactic Structure
Michael Hanke Chemistry and Kinematics of Globular Clusters
Dr. Bertrand Lemasle Galactic Archaeology with Cepheids
Dr. David Martínez-Delgado Tidal Streams and Accretion
Josefina Michea Dwarf Galaxies in Galaxy Clusters
Gustavo Morales Tidal Streams and Cosmological Models
Yasna Ordenes Briceño Compact Stellar Systems in the Fornax Cluster
Dr. Geneviève Parmentier Formation and Evolution of Star Clusters
Dr. Anna Pasquali Galaxy Evolution
Zdeněk Prudil Galactic Structure with RR Lyrae Stars
Fayezeh Shabani Modes of Star Formation in Spirals and Irregulars
Carolin Wittmann Dwarf Galaxies in the Fornax and Perseus Clusters

Long-term Visitors
Dr. Alexei Kniazev Emission-line Galaxies; Planetary Nebulae
Prof. Leonid Pilyugin Abundances in Galactic Disks
Dr. Igor Zinchenko Satellite Accretion