Investigating the roots: How our perception of the Milky Way System is shaped by our knowledge of atomic data products

A Workshop on Atomic Data - Heidelberg, 3-7 October 2022

First Announcement

Investigating the roots: How our perception of the Milky Way System is shaped by our knowledge of atomic data products

Heidelberg (Germany), 3. - 7.10.2022

Scientific rationale and programme overview

The aim of our workshop is to bring suppliers and users of atomic data together in a very open and relaxed format that stimulates discussions and ideas. The three main sessions will be:

  1. Stellar Atmospheres and other astrophysical applications
  2. Experiments and laboratory measurements of atomic data
  3. Modelling and theoretical calculations of atomic data

The programme will leave room for asking questions not only after, but also during the presentations. By learning more about the demands of the users of atomic data and the requirements for their calculations and measurements, we aim at a better understanding of current caveats as well as identifying routes to move forward in this crucial field that underpins our astrophysical research.

Venue and date

The workshop will take place in Heidelberg, Germany, from Monday, October 3rd to Friday, October 7th 2022. We know that making travel commitments is not easy in these times, but we encourage you to come to Heidelberg in person to help us in creating an interactive environment that fosters spontaneous exchange and follow-up discussions.

Time schedule

08.04.22Pre-Registration opens
30.06.22Pre-Registration deadline
July Final Announcement
03.10.22 - 07.10.22Workshop

Registration fee and support

We will not charge any conference fee for participants, but each participant will have to pay for their travel and accommodation. We have raised funding for a small budget to support a few participants. Please contact us if you would require travel support in order to participate.

Pre-Registration and website

Due to COVID19 and the venue restrictions, the total number of workshop participants is limited. Thus, pre-registration may not guarantee attendance. If the number of pre-registrations exceeds our capacities, the SOC might have to make an informed choice, taking into account covered topics, gender balance, and career status. Additional information about the workshop and its venue can be found on our