Investigating the roots: How our perception of the Milky Way System is shaped by our knowledge of atomic data products

A Workshop on Atomic Data - Heidelberg, 3-7 October 2022

Invited Participants

Stellar Atmospheres and other astrophysical applications:
  • D. John Hillier (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Joachim Puls (USM, LMU München)
  • Maria Bergemann (MPIA, Heidelberg)
  • Jörn Wilms (Dr. Karl Remeis-Sternwarte, Bamberg)
  • Peter van Hoof (Royal Observatory of Belgium, Brussels)
  • Javier Garcia (Caltech)
  • Matti Dorsch (Universität Potsdam)
  • James Gillanders (Queens University Belfast)
Experiments and laboratory measurements of atomic data:
  • Stefan Schippers (Universität Gießen)
  • Natalie Hell (LLNL)
  • Pedro Amaro (NOVA University Lisboa)
  • Chintan Shah (NASA GSFC)
  • Ahmad Tauheed (Aligarh University, India)
  • Filipe Grilo (NOVA University Lisboa)
Modelling and theoretical calculations of atomic data:
  • Ehud Behar (Technion)
  • Catherine Ramsbottom (Queens University Belfast)
  • Giulio Del Zanna (Cambridge)
  • Anil Pradhan (Ohio State University)
  • Pascal Quinet (Universit√© de Mons)
  • Natalia Oreshkina (MPIK Heidelberg)

Open Signup/Pre-Registration

If you are interested in participating, please pre-register in our conference tool until June 30th.

Due to the venue and the format of the workshop, the number of participants will be very limited. If the number of signups will be exceeding our capacities, the SOC will have to make an informed selection among the signups. This selection will be based on the field of expertise, the gender balance, and our aim to have to good balance between early career and more senior researchers.

This workshop is funded by the
SFB 881 ("The Milky Way System")
Emmy Noether Research Group on Stellar Atmospheres and Mass Loss at ARI/ZAH
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